Naturopathic physician, Dr. Shavon Jackson-Michel brings more than a decade of influence as a natural health authority to the table. She is a best-selling author of the collaborative work, ‘The Black Family Health-O-Pedia’, contributing her expertise to the the chapters on women’s health and the safe, efficient decision-making of a diligent dietary supplement consumer. Dr. Shavon is also a sought after speaker, both domestically and internationally.

Though guided by all the naturopathic principles, Dr. Shavon most passionately champions the tenets ‘vis medicatrix naturae’ (the healing power of nature) and ‘docere’ (Doctor as Teacher). They guide her approach, helping her gently move clients toward a sustainable way of living, eating and thinking.

Dr. Shavon operates as a naturopathic consultant in the pre-licensed state of NJ, delivering personalized wellness care to women struggling with hormonal and metabolic concerns and couples looking for integrative/natural fertility options. She journeys with them in finding the natural and holistic approach that meets their individualized needs and facilitates their health and healing goals.

She also focuses on ‘sustainable self-care’; working on the development of online programs that teach wellness fundamentals and self-care initiatives that put people on a ‘LEARN-to-LIVE-it’ fast-track, based off her personal journey. It was in college, that – on a dare, she adopted a plant-based diet. These diet changes  soon turned into a holistic lifestyle that not only helped her lose close to 50 lbs, but unsuspectingly relieved a long-history of back pain and allergies.

These changes altered the trajectory of her life in so many ways. Her healthier living efforts paid off in the short-term, with measurably-improved health. They also became a ‘new’ blueprint for the family that she would come mother/nurture years later; but impassioned to share all the concepts of natural medicine she was learning with everyone around her, she rerouted her career course, heading straight to naturopathic medical school after graduating with her B.S. in Biomedical Engineering, instead of into industry as she’d first planned.

Confirmation of alignment with her calling came 4 years later at her oath ceremony, where she not only took her physician’s creed, but was named the 2008 University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine ‘Clinical Excellency’ scholar.

Dr. Shavon complements her part-time practice with additional work in brand and marketing management for the dietary supplement industry. She has seen her story come full circle, being able to have a foot in both worlds. Traveling extensively as the Director of Medical & Scientific Affairs for a NJ-based firm, she develops strong research profile, safety and education platforms for patented, natural ingredients that wind up in commercial formulations. Before entering the business sector, Dr. Shavon taught health-science and wellness-related coursework for nearly 6 years as university professor.

A happy wife and mom of two ambitious boys, Dr. Shavon defines her personal ambition as a daily, purposeful contribution to what she hopes is a legacy built on actionable love. She patterns this work after her faith in Christ.